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Big Snow December 19, 2008

Rugged Country Plants is a family-run web-order, retail and wholesale native plant nursery located in Milton-Freewater, Oregon.

Rugged Country Plants Territory

Rugged Country Plants Territory

We started producing native grass seed in 1998 and began Intermountain native shrub and tree production in 2001. Interest has been growing and we have been adding many species of native perennial flowers and native grasses. We explore the Intermountain West for native plants that offer beauty and function for homeowners and landowners wanting better adapted native plant landscaping options.

We, like other native plant producers, are on the cutting edge of discovering how to produce and how to use native plants in residential and commercial landscape applications. There is much we do not know. If you choose to use native plants in your landscape, you also will be on the cutting edge of horticultural discovery. There is much to learn about how much to water or not water, to prune or not to prune, how well the plants will perform in partial shade, etc. We hope you will help us develop the knowledge base by sending us feedback and posting reviews on our website.

We are pleased to offer high quality native plants for lower maintenance waterwise and xeriscape landscaping from Winthrop, Washington to Blanding, Utah and from Whitefish, Montana to Reno, Nevada.

Rugged Country Plants Mission

To provide the highest quality waterwise native plants from the Intermountain West to homeowners and the wholesale green industry in our territory.

Currans Family

Currans Family (L-R): Hannah, Rebecca, Sean, Levi, Hillary

Thank you for your interest to know more about us. As said above, we are a family owned and operated native plant nursery dedicated to helping create sustainable spaces one backyard at a time and we are a “vegetations solutions” company. Meaningfully employing our family is a primary reason we are in this business.

As our children came of age, we offered them many choices for their next steps, one of which was developing this nursery business together. Dad said, “Would you like to work with us? We think there is exciting potential for your future in this industry. If you choose to join us in this endeavor we will have to ramp up the business to a level that will support us all.” Hannah, Hillary and Levi had some reservations, but mainly said, “yes.”

Dad had a hunch what this meant, but our grown children probably did not know how much work was going to be required to do what sounds so simple! That was in 2004. A lot of ramping up and much work has been done. We have much to learn and many wonderful challenges to keep us occupied.

Levi Currans, Operations Manager

Plant Grower, Sales Assistant, manages planting and harvest, takes care of building and equipment maintenance, work flow logistics, equipment operations.

Hillary Currans, Office Manager

Hillary loves working in the family business...she answers your phone calls, prepares quotes, orders supplies, manages the catalog and inventory, shipping and bookkeeping.

Hannah Currans

Hannah has been a key grower in our nursery as well as handling sales responsibilities and making great contributions in developing sales materials. As of spring 2009 Hannah has chosen to take a job away from the nursery to gain new experiences and tackle new challenges. Hannah will still be around the nursery if you happen to drop in and see us. Levi, with everybody’s assistance, will be taking over the sales responsibilities from Hannah.

Rebecca Currans, Seed Specialist

Oversees seed inventory, seed conditioning, and germination. Rebecca is fascinated by the wide diversity of shapes, sizes, germination requirements and unique genetic potential packed into these amazing seeds.

Sean Currans, General Manager

General everything, plant explorer, agronomist. Three of my most valued concepts: 1) freedom of speech, 2) open discussion, and 3) God created the heavens and the earth and He has a plan for this creation.





News Flash:  Sean is taking a sabbatical year in Iraq!  From December 2009, Sean is working for the USDA as an Agricultural Advisor in Basra, Iraq.  It is a great opportunity to see what is going on in Mesopotamia, learn about Iraqi/Arabic culture, study different agricultural systems and vegetation, take a break from my American routine and, Lord willing, make a contribution.  Asalaam alaikum (May the peace of God be with you), Sean

Cathy Kirkendall, Database Programmer and IT Fixer

Now we need the help of other people beyond our small family. We have Cathy Kirkendall (Sean’s older sister) helping us with IT Development.
Able to work wonders across the internet from her home in Alaska.

Dalila Landa

Dalila greets us with a smile every morning, and helps us with plant propagation.  She sets a fast pace for all of us!

Cruz Arias

Cruz is always ready for a good laugh — we all like to hear her and Dalila laughing together in the greenhouse. She works with us during the busy spring months.

Joel Cummins

Joel calls Western Washington home, but we’re sure glad he can work with us during the busy spring season—he is a great help!

We have the help of numerous others like Mike Comfort, Mike Hanttula, Ken Lane, Kevin Currans, Val Gossett, Renee Hedine, and many others who come and work with us for a while, share knowledge and share life, and add such a rich blessing to our enterprise.

To all of you who have read this far, thank you for your interest and please let us know how we can serve you better,

General Manager


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